Hunting the Flash

We are in April 2010 and we get a lot of news of how beautiful, useful and revolutionary will be HTML5. No doubt it will be the future of web development. What I can not understand as a Flash developer, is the hate to the Adobe program that has started out by hundreds of people in many forums and more.

It seems that Flash is evil suddenly, and it had to be eradicated because it was about to completely destroy the Internet. It is true that HTML5 is going to make dozens of past and current technologies useless, including many browsers like IE6, IE7, etc... but i do not understand why people only thinks on how bad is Flash.

It is true that having a closed embedded technology in our precious web pages is not pleasant, and not being able to use one editor for everything neither, or being dependent on whether the client has the plugin installed or not, etc... but Flash is currently the only tool out there to do a big number of things, and it will survive for a long time. How many years have to pass to see augmented reality with HTML5? However much we want, this things do not happen in a single day, and if today we still have to test web pages in Internet Explorer 6, i think i will be old before the Flash completely disappears. Can i develop PC and Mac desktop applications with HTML5? I can do them with Flash.

To my surprise i heard that some Spanish companies are already beginning to try to sell to their customers "HTML5-based web applications." i never forget that we live in the country of the picaresque.

Apple does not like Flash? Any developer knows that Flash is a "runaway horse" in resource consumption, but the refusal of Steve Jobs to implement embedded Flash on the iPhone responds to mass commercial strategy, i think. Do not kill anything ahead of time, let alone something who has given a huge community of developers. And what would i do with my MDM Zinc license? ;-)

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