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Legal information

I am registered as self-employed (autónomo) in the register of intra-community operators, so I can issue invoices in Spain and abroad.

I really know how to programme in all the technologies mentioned on the homepage, I personally execute all of the projects and only subcontract to third parties when I have no option due to time constraints or when I need a specific skill that I cannot perform myself.

My clients

  • Any person or company wanting to start a project from scratch, either in-house or for a third party.
  • Any person or company that needs a freelance programmer to join a team for a particular project, which is either in-house or for a third party.

I'm often hired by graphic design/multimedia companies that create the entire graphic design elements of a project and need me to implement the layout and programming.

I'm used to working on collaborative projects with version control systems.


When my role on a Project is to manage all tasks, I usually outsource everything that I am unable to do myself, for example high-end graphic design, 3D models, etc. Thanks to my many years experience in the industry, the people I work with are extremely good contacts.


If required, I am willing to sign confidentiality contracts that commit me to secrecy concerning any aspects of the project.


I accept payments within 90 days or any other formula, whenever respected.