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The following are the rates for the most common project types. For any other programming work, please contact me to discuss your needs and receive an estimate.

Standard CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, etc...) with stock template customization: From 300 €

This type of project can include many variations:

  • Use of a custom template
  • Creating/modifying a component/plugin
  • Translating data or interfaces
  • Importing data from a variety of multiple sources (text file, Excel, another CMS, etc.)


Online shop CMS (Prestashop, Woocommerce, etc...) with stock template customization: from 400 €

This type of project can include many variations:

  • Usage of custom template
  • Create/modify a component/plugin
  • Perform translation of data or interface
  • Import of data that can come from multiple sources (from a text file, Excel, another CMS, etc.)
  • Integration with any payment or shipping gateway, or ERP


Static html web page (cannot be maintained by the client): From 200 €

I thought that this kind of projects were outdated, but they are here again thanks to static landing pages, the one-page parallax scroll ones, where the content is static. 

Dynamic website (can be maintained by the client) made with custom programming: From 400 €

This is my main line of work: pages that can be maintained by the client using the content manager. Clients can change the content at their convenience. There are many variations:

  • The site theme is completely free: portals, online stores, etc.
  • The design can be a custom or a stock template.
  • If the client has ordered an SEO study, I can apply these guidelines to the design/layout. In any case, I always implement layouts in consideration of natural SEO guidelines.
  • I usually program websites using PHP/mySQL, but I can also use ASP and MSSQL Server or Access. I also have a content manager for these technologies.
  • Multi-lingual pages do not increase the price.
  • I can adapt the page to pass any accessibility test (WCAG AA, etc.).


Hybrid app for iPhone / iPad or Android: From 500 €

An hybrid app is a web development (xhtml + css + javascript) that meets a set of mobile app standards, then it is encapsulated with programs like Phonegap, and they are ready to be published as apps. It is not a website adapted for mobile devices, it is a web application that can interact with mobile device elements (GPS, address book, accelerometer, etc.) but not to the same level as a native app. I develop them using Phonegap + Ionic Framework / Angular 2.

This kind of application is good when you want to produce a cheap mobile app that is suitable for all devices, but you should always consider its limitations.

Native app for iPhone / iPad or Android: From 800 €

App developed using native tools (xCode / Swift or Android Studio). Here, you can ask for any feature, the final price can vary greatly depending on what you need. If the data source is online, the final price will include developing web services. The design can be provided by the client.