These are rates for the most common kind of projects, although I do any type of project that requires programming.

CMS Website (Wordpress, etc…): From 300 €

This kind of project always starts with a template, to which we adapt a design or graphic requirements. The standard plugins are installed (SEO, Cookie Notice, Cache, etc ...) and then the plugins required by the client. The data import, the multi-language, and any other retouching task until the desired result is finished.

CMS Online Shop (Prestashop, Woocommerce, etc…): From 500 €

It is similar to the previous one, but this takes much more effort because you have to set rates, products, variations, discounts, payment gateways, etc ... It also has a lot of extras, such as integration with POS / ERP, or integration with API of various transport agencies, etc.

Template layout: From 200 €

I am often asked to do template layout with Bootstrap, either to use it later for some dynamic development or simply as a static landing page.

Custom programming: From 500 €

This is the type of project that I do the most. There are many variants:

  • The theme of the page is completely free: portals, online stores, admin panels, etc ...
  • The design can be custom or can be used a stock template, so the layout can be done by me or not.
  • If the client has a SEO study, I can apply the conclusions to the development.
  • I usually program in LAMP environment, but also in MEAN or with old elements (ASP, etc.).
  • The site can be multi-language, I do not increase the price for it.
  • I can adapt the site to bypass any accesibility validation (AA, etc.).

Hybrid app for iPhone/iPad or Android: From 500 €

I development them with Angular + Ionic Framework. It is the type of development that I do most, as they are easy to maintain, adapt to any design, are economical, and valid for all devices. I also provide the API Rest service and the data admin panel.

Native app for iPhone/iPad or Android: From 800 €

They are developed with native development tools: xCode / Swift (if it's for iPhone / iPad) or Android Studio / Java (if it's for Android). In this type of development, you can ask for any feature, the final price can vary greatly depending on what is requested. If the origin of the data is Internet, the final price would include the development of the API Rest service and the admin panel, unless the client already has those elements.

Other developments

Always ask me for them, since some people have asked me for very strange things that are sometimes easily solved. Bots, IOT programming, etc ...