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diseño web

To order a website, the first thing to know is what type of project do you need, and what are the computer skills of the person who will manage the website content. The types of web projects I usually develop, are CMS and custom programming.


CMS are preset web developments, the most installed CMS is Wordpress. In these projects, most of the design, layout and programming is already done through CMS core, templates and plugins. To fit what the customer wants, we should tweak the template, install the appropiate plugins, and make programming changes if required. Then, write the contents and the project is completed. This type of project is the most economical since a lot of the programming work is provided by the CMS. It allows you to create very showy and util websites very quickly and economically.

Disadvantages of CMS: The administration panel is not as intuitive as it would in a custom programming, so the person who will manage it must have computer skills and some experience in the use of the CMS. Furthermore, in the admin panel almost everything "is open", so it is more likely to mistakes; update or modify and delete things that are not expected. In a CMS you can not do everything you want, both in terms of design and programming; being preset developments, their customization is limited, so some features required on a project could not be done and would have to go to custom programming. CMS are also more prone to hacking because its source code is public domain and hackers create "robots" to hack any vulnerability they can find. This forces to have the CMS, template and plugins updated as much as possible.

Custom programming

It is more expensive than a CMS because you start almost from scratch, and you need to program everything. Obviously not all from scratch, you always have your libraries, frameworks or other utilities with which to start. The custom programming allows develop everything the customer wants, without any limit; customization is complete at both design and programming. In addition, the admin panel is also custom made, so the customer will have just what he wants to manage the content. I usually use my own admin panel, Backendmaker.

To see my rates on this type of project, go to the rates page.