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To order a web project (website, admin panel, etc...), the first thing to know is what type of project do you need, and what are the computer skills of the person who will manage the website content. The types of web projects I usually develop are CMS and custom programming.

CMS: Wordpress

CMS are predefined web solutions, the CMS that I install the most is Wordpress. In this type of projects, most of the design, layout and programming is already done, it is provided by the CMS together with its templates and plugins. In addition, its content management is superb, allowing endless revisions, the reuse and optimization of images, and solving the majority of SEO in-page.

My method of work is to use a Wordpress template with many demos, for example the Bridge, which has more than 300 demos. The demos are variations of layout. Once the demo has been chosen, we will do all the tasks of transformation of graphics and content.

This type of web project is the most economical since a huge part of the work is done by the CMS. It allows creating very colorful websites with many utilities very quickly.

Disadvantages of CMS

The administration panel is not as intuitive as it would be in custom programming, so it should be used by someone with computer skills at "user level" and who has some experience in using the CMS admin panel. In addition, in the admin panel almost everything "is open to modify", so it is more likely to screw up when updating it and delete or modify things that were not due (although there are methods to close it as much as possible). In a CMS you can not do everything you want, both at the design and programming level; being predefined solutions, its customization has a limit, so that some things that may be required in a project can not be done and should go to custom programming. CMS are also more prone to hacking, since their source code is public domain and hackers automate "robots" to hack any vulnerability they find. This forces to have the CMS, template and plugins as up-to-date as possible.

Custom programming

It is more expensive than a CMS since you start almost from scratch, and everything has to be programmed. Obviously it is not entirely from scratch since you always have your libraries, frameworks or other utilities with which to start. Custom programming allows us to do everything to the client's taste, without any limit; the personalization is total both at the level of design as well as layout and programming. In addition, the administration panel is also custom made to the needs of client.

I usually develop custom web projects with PHP - Symfony 4 or Angular, and recently also in Python. As a backend I usually use my own administration panel, Backendmaker.

To see my rates on this type of project, go to the rates page.