How to take full advantage of the iPad

Since I bought the iPad, I've adapted to use it very quickly so that it is my first choice for using Internet (browser, Twitter, RSS, etc...), touch screen games, and professionally for show my projects to customers. It has also taken over the laptop, because its immediacy of use, no heating, portability and battery life. But when you buy the device, you have to make some things to get the 100% of it. I'm going to list what I've done, but without dwelling on how I did it (Google is for that :-) )

  • Jailbreak: Fundamental, without it you can't use a lot of things. If the firmware version that comes with the iPad has no Jailbreak available (what happened to me), you have to downgrade to a version that allows to jailbreak.
  • Some "real" things: A protective back cover like the one in the iPhone and a carrying bag. And also the "Camera Connection Kit"; to save money on this purchase, I bought only the USB adapter (available separately on eBay), i did not need the other adapter.
  • iFile (Cydia). Great app, is like the "Windows Explorer" or "Finder". It allows you to view and manage the contents of your disk, also when you connect an USB device to USB adapter that comes with the Camera Connection Kit, you can copy data in both directions. Note: iFile detects and enables USB stick on the iPad even if you see a dialog when connecting the USB device that says "USB Device not supported". Forget this dialog.
  • WiFiFoFum (Cydia). Program to detect wireless networks around and connect to them, useful for outdoor usage.
  • Download Plugin for Safari (Safari Download Manager). I do not understand how this is not standard. It allows you to save to the "disc" of the iPad any file you download with Safari
  • SBSettings (Cydia). The same as iPhone, a lot of options to make tasks that come in handy.
  • Frash (and button on / off for SBSettings). Enable Flash in Safari, but does not work 100%, you can see basic Flash (banners, etc ...) but not complex Flashes.
  • GoodReader: PDF reader with connections with Safari.
  • Instapaper: How to "save" content (web pages, etc...) to read them later.
  • FTPonTheGo: FTP client.
  • Twitter: Twitter Client
  • Feeddler Pro: Client for Google Reader, RSS reader.
  • VLC: Video viewer.
  • TVOutTuner (Cydia): Uses the iPad-VGA adapter so you can view the contents of the iPad into another monitor, projector, etc... very useful for presentations.
  • Whitenote: Excellent program for taking notes, using the virtual keyboard, or making diagrams...

I'm sure there are many other programs, but with these you will get a much more useful device.

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