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Flash Programming and Animation


Kiosko interactivo

Flash was a widely used tool but today it is missing from the web, practically only used for small animations or other dynamic media elements, but less and less. Even so, it is still widely used in other environments. I can make any Flash development, whatever its destination.


As I mentioned, it is rarely used, but still if any client needs some kind of web development in Flash, i can develop it.

Multimedia presentations

This is one of those niches that Flash is still widely used, creating CDs (today USBs) of multimedia presentations. You can use any type of multimedia elements, whether video, audio, etc ... mixed with images and animation.

Interactive screens

The interactive touch screens that we can see in stands, is another place for developments in Flash. Especially games but also presentations as mentioned above.

To see my rates on this type of projects, go to the page of rates.