What Google takes and gives back


"If your website is not shown in Google search results, your website does not exist", this is the subject of this article. First you must look at the SEMRush.com chart accompanying the article, it is called “Organic Keywords" and is one of the most important SEO metrics, the number of keywords and position in the search results of your website for those keywords (in this case in google.es). As you can see, until February 2014 I had a very good position, about 30 keywords, many of them in top positions. This means that if you search in google.es for the keyword "freelance web developer", this website (enriquegonzalez.net) is shown on the first page of search results.

But suddenly, a change in Google's algorithm took the site out of the search results, as you can see in the chart from March 2014. I have an average knowledge of SEO but I'm not a "guru", so I asked many acquaintances that are really SEO experts; but no one was able to tell me how I lost all that from one month to another. The site was not penalized, nothing happened in the site from February to March 2014. It was painful to see websites much worse than this (domain age, design, onpage SEO, content, etc ...) in first positions in the search results.

Not appear in the search results quite upsets you (less emails or phone calls with requests for projects, etc ...), luckily I already have a huge customer base so i have enough projects to go on (note that until February 2014 I was in a privileged position in search results for my keywords).
But suddenly arrives October 2014 and gradually Google returns the keywords in top positions, maybe by Penguin 3?, I do not know, but there were back, and the emails and phone calls with project requests increased again. I don’t know if i will recover the same i lost in February of 2014 but according to the graph, it increases every month.

So if you read this article and the same thing happened to you, note that Google does many experiments with the algorithms and sometimes your site are undeservedly injured, but apparently it returns back where it belongs.

  • Javier
    18-11-2014 23:15
    Muy interesante.
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